Light Prevailing over Darkness- Jami Amerine’s Search for her Destination

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Religion Featured

Light Prevailing over Darkness- Jami Amerine’s Search for her Destination

The mind of a new-born child is like a blank canvas. His surroundings shape his thinking, transforming his personality.  Ever since a child is born, he is introduced to a religion that is followed by the family. As a result, most kids follow the religion that is accepted by the family, no questions asked.

With the influx of modernity, the gap between people and their religions is escalating. Consequently, not many people ponder upon their religious views. Yet, there are still a handful of individuals who are in search of the right path in life, wanting to explore their true faith.  Such people are nothing but ideal examples of remarkable lives. According to them, having a true faith is what strengthens the foundations of a complete and content way of living.

Among such exceptional individuals is Jami Amerine, the sensational mind behind “Stolen Jesus: An Unconventional Search for the Real Savior,” a masterpiece for the ones who wander. Born on September 26, 1971, in Avenal, California, Jami has always been curious about her religious views. Unlike other kids, she did not believe the religious views fed to her as a child. She had questions; the ones that fueled her desire to find her true faith in life.

Carving Her Own Path

As the saying by Rainer Maria Rilke goes: “The only journey is the one within,” Jami has been a living example of a fulfilling journey. Born to parents with a diverse set of views, a Mormon and a non-religious individual, Jami was open to mixed perspectives of religious views. The variety of convictions from her family members as well as her surrounding became too overwhelming for her. In the battle of discovering her true connection of Jesus, Jami turned away. The constrain, in her journey to find her true faith, was like a moment of reflection; a push she needed to get back on the right path.

It is the aggressive search for true Jesus that leads one astray…,” says Jami. After years and years of tiring hunt, Jami finally found her true faith, a belief that restored her reliance into Christianity. The process of being vulnerable to different versions of Jesus and herself led her to find her true faith. As J.R.R. Tolkien says, “Not all those who wander are lost.”

With the breakthrough of her faith in Jesus, Jami decided to put her learning experience out there. Her book is a written version of the inner conflict of her struggle that she has transformed into words. Her phenomenal journey from a wanderer to having a true faith is how she aims to assist the ones going through the same struggle in life.

The art of writing is rare. Not many individuals possess it, and among the ones who do, only a few use it to give back to the community. With her intriguing writing style, Jami has been able to shed light on issues that she certainly believes in. She initially started as a blogger at “Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors.” With the intensive exposure to the professional writing field, she signed a two books contract with Oregon-based Christian publishing house, Harvest House. As a result of this contract, a gem, “Stolen Jesus: An Unconventional Search for the Real Savior” came into being. It is not just a book, but a guide for the ones who are going through the same phase in life.

Published in October 2017, the book provided a path for individuals who like asking questions. The book is a prime example of an authentic journey that initially starts with Jami moving away from Jesus. However, with time she found a route that led her straight to her destination; her true faith. She came in terms with the fact that Jesus loves and protects his people without any conditions applied.

A Source Of Inspiration

Jami’s authentic writing has made her writing piece a literal form of pureness. The genuineness of the book is what made it stand out even more, gaining acknowledgement and appreciation worldwide. This book is part of the reason why Jami is famous and well-reputed Christian writer in the literary world today.

Jami is not just a tremendous writer but a well-celebrated speaker as well. She is a strong supporter of ‘foster care, adoption, and foster care reform.’ With the aid of her “giving back to the community” thinking, she has strong views that help make the society a better place. Jami is a mother of 6 kids, out of which two are adopted, making her stance pretty clear.

She is an author of “Well, Girl: An Inside Out Journey to Wellness,” a book that talks about her journey to wellness. By using her experiences as learning episodes, Jami has helped women understand that beauty is much more than the outward physical appearance. Her fans are anxiously waiting for her next book, “Rest, Girl: A Journey from Exhausted and Stressed to Richly Blessed,” coming out November 2021.

With her inspiring writing style, Jami has gained global recognition along with a huge fan base. The way she uses her experiences to help people understand topics such as the real concept of ‘beauty’, and other issues like chronic illnesses, marriage, learning disabilities, along with Christianity is what makes her different from the writers today. As an expert on topics that are most popular in society, Jami has created an extraordinary life for herself that has created a legacy.

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