Rent A Car Amsterdam Airport: The Best Thing You Can Do To Start Your Holiday Right

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Travel Featured

Holidays are associated with fun and leisure. Experiencing new cultures, food, history and heritage. However, sometimes it does not go as planned. Before you can start enjoying, you need to travel. This comes with busses, cars, trains, airplanes and the like. To make sure you can travel conveniently, it makes sense to choose the options that are fast, safe and fun. Are you traveling to Amsterdam? There are many reasons why you can best rent a car Amsterdam airport. In this article we will explore why it makes sense to travel by car and what makes it the preferred means of travel.

Public transport is expensive in The Netherlands

One of the major drawbacks of the public transport (also shared by locals) is the cost of public transport. Trains are relatively expensive and are packed when travelling in peak hours. This means that business people often opt for a car instead of the train. While the network is sophisticated, it works well traveling in-between cities. However, if you are looking to travel to specific areas or nature reserves, a car would be better. It can take multiple transfers and transport means before you can get there by public transport. This not only increases the travel time, but also your comfort.

Taxis are a real no-go

Why people consider rent a car Amsterdam airport the best option? It makes sense to look at the costs when traveling by taxi. A simple taxi ride to the city center can already cost over 60 euros with ease. For the same amount of money, you can rent a car Amsterdam airport for several days (of course, depending on the car you select). Therefore, if you have a drivers license at your disposal, it makes sense to opt for this option.

Renting a car does not stop at Amsterdam

There are many other options to discover when you are looking for car rental Holland. For example, you can decide to choose for the smaller regional airport of Eindhoven. This airport, located in the south of the country, offers cheaper tickets than its bigger brother Schiphol. Due to lower real estate costs, the rental cars are also cheaper than the airport of Amsterdam. Enough reason to fly to Eindhoven.

Locations throughout the country

If you are traveling to Holland by train, there are other options to consider as well. Many cities including The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Maastricht have car rental options that can provide you with the comfort of a good car. You do need to make some choices, such as the size of the car. Do you think a smaller car will suffice? The Volkswagen Up will be a good car that is also cost-effective. Looking for more luxury? You can select a BMW or Audi that has more options.

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