Find out why you should consider self storage for your business to minimise your storage costs and keep the business finances as healthy as possible in these challenging economic times.

The worldwide economy is going through somewhat of a challenging time, as the pandemic rages on, despite hope on the horizon in the form of vaccines.

Any business wanting to stay financially healthy has to use each and every useful tool at its disposal. One such tool every business should have at the moment, is cheap self storage. Otherwise you could be paying for expensive office space or warehouse space that you simply don’t need.

Self storage for business use can help any business of any size. From the start-ups making money from home, to larger corporations growing nationwide.

Self storage comes with all kinds of handy benefits that help your enterprise thrive and most importantly, survive. Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of self storage for business owners:

1.   Convenience

Any size of business can benefit from the convenience self storage has to offer. A good facility has services like packing, moving, collections, delivery acceptance and more. They do everything possible to make your life as easy as possible when it comes to your storage needs.

2.   Flexibility

Cheap self storage is so flexible, which is perfect for any business, but especially in uncertain times like these. You can switch your items from a smaller unit to a bigger unit with little notice and vice-versa, meaning you are never paying too much and always have the space you need.. Contracts are very short, giving you the ability to start or stop your use of your storage unit when you need to. This helps your business go through natural up and downs without the worry of rigid contracts causing financial issues.

3.   Business Space

Whether you need space for your stock that is secure and affordable, or you need space for business paperwork that is sucking up expensive office rental space, self storage can help. The monthly rental costs are cheap compared to retail or office space, making it perfect for the furniture and stock your business holds.

4.   Security

The security of self storage facilities is fantastic and most likely better than at your own business premises. Providers know they have to offer that to you because they are in the business of protecting your possessions. CCTV, 24/7 reception services, good maintenance and lighting are just some aspects you should expect. This is great news for your business because it means your valuable stock is at minimal risk.

5.   Mental Health

Starting a business can be really stressful, and often involves a lot of time spent at home because you don’t have an office to work from yet. This can be the case for more developed businesses too. Your mental health can suffer from this because you’re not getting any down time away from your business. You may suffer from burnout, and your family may struggle too if stock is taking over the house.

Having a self-storage unit gives you somewhere to go to get away from it all, somewhere to store items from your home so you can have a home office that doesn’t disrupt family life, and somewhere to store stock. It’s a way to clear space for your business and your mind, helping you keep your mental health strong, for a more resilient business overall.