You do not have time to cross the threshold of the house and already hear a plaintive howl or heart-rending barking? Do you receive complaints from neighbors? Then this article will definitely come in handy for you.

Regardless of the cause of the unwanted behavior, DogRook provides you with solutions to suit every dog, regardless of breed or age.

1.Emotional unloading

Play an active game with your dog before leaving home, or take time out with your dog. Both physical and mental stress tire the dog. Go for a walk or let your dog out into the backyard. It is important not only to let the dog run, but also to keep him busy with playing, for example, playing with a ball, “Fetch” or pulling toys. Exercise helps to “unload” emotions too. Repeat several times with the dog commands that he already knows or may even learn a new one.

2.Don’t say goodbye

Don’t focus on your leaving. Don’t pet or feel sorry for your dog. Leave as if you are going to the bath. When you miserably say goodbye to the dog, you show your behavior that something is wrong and thereby make the dog nervous. In addition to goodbyes, the hellos we say to our pets should also be considered when we have an anxious dog. In many cases, dogs are absolutely overjoyed, to say the least, to see their masters return home. Encouraging these behaviors can also exacerbate symptoms of separation anxiety, and should always be addressed. Sometimes it is helpful to leave a treat or a toy for your dog before leaving.

3.Provide entertainment

Choose or buy several toys that will be given to the dog only when you are away. This is done so that the dog does not get bored with the toy quickly. Use “smart” toys, such as those from which dog need to get a treat. You can leave a large and hard treat, a variation of which is available in any pet store. This will prevent your dog from separation anxioty and stress.

4.Use a humane bark collar

With DogRook bark collar, you don’t have to do anything. The collar will do everything for you. Just put it on your dog and turn it on when you leave the house. Sound and vibration will distract your dog from unwanted behaviors such as barking and howling. Different modes help you to find the one that works for your dog.

Remember, the best and safest way to deal with excessive barking in dogs is to find a qualified trainer or behaviorist who can work with you and your dog​.

Take care of yourself and your pets!

With love for your dogs!