Approach to Providing Better Housing Facilities to Poor People

by | Jun 9, 2021 | World Featured

Without having a clear vision regarding what you want to do with your life, you will not be able to enjoy it to the fullest. Life was never about only having luxurious cars and stacks of money, but rather those serving those people who are barely able to make their ends meet. Those who remember this purpose, not only have a happy lifestyle but also, are remembered throughout the world because they serve to the masses.

Many people can send their children to the most hi-fi schools so that they can get the best education. On the contrary, some are unable to survive and thus their children remain uneducated, simply because they cannot afford it at all. Thus, the rich should come forward to lend a helping hand to the poor, so that they can get out of the misery and their children can come to know why education is necessary to change the status from uneducated to highly educated one. One such individual is Richard J. Randolph III; he has dedicated his life toward this purpose.

Richard Randolph is a person on a mission to fulfill the needs of the people who are unable to make their ends meet. He along with his organization, E F Block Georgia, LLC, want to raise the standards of the people of Georgia helping them obtain sustainable and affordable housing. Besides E F Block Georgia, Mr. Randolph also owns another organization called The Randolph Foundation. He is laser-focused in his approach to raise the standards of living and providing sustainable homes.

People like Richard J. Randolph III, hard to come across individuals, who knows that their purpose and goal is to serve others, rather than focusing selfishly on themselves.

It was in 2008 when Richard J. Randolph III launched his organization, The Randolph Foundation. As an individual, he was always praised for having the vision to serve others, and hence the reason why he desires to impact the lives of others with his humanity-based approach. As a philanthropist, he has contributed to various organizations, including Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Metro Atlanta Community, and The Atlanta Dream.

For Mr. Randolph, the social community services were reshaped altogether that comprised of philanthropy and a sustainable business model. Hence the reason why he heads two organizations E F Block Georgia and The Randolph Foundation. However, Mr. Randolph has transformed philanthropy into an organization for business. Mr. Randolph attributes his achievements, in his life, to his philanthropic approach.

Richard J. Randolph III was able to promote his affordable housing society throughout Georgia, once working with prestigious organizations like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Metro Atlanta Community, and The Atlanta Dream. However, he has high aims with his ongoing project and aims to extend it soon to the other parts of the country also.

Throughout the world, poverty is getting out of control and this is the reason why Richard J. Randolph III aims to come forward as a helping hand to such individuals. He is always thinking of ways to benefit his people and believes that it is because of them he has got all the fame and fortune. Furthermore, to provide awareness to the masses, he also emphasizes conducting seminars and conferences regarding affordable and environment-friendly homes. It is because he cannot see the way poor people are neglected by the rich. He says that the poor are always exploited by the rich and influential people. Moreover, those who provide housing loans to the laborious individuals have strict conditions that these people are unable to afford.

Another major reason for affordable and environmentally friendly homes for the poor is because of the changing weather conditions that impact the lifestyle of one and all, but the poor is the main victim. Hence the reason why he steps forward along with his respective organizations to construct economic houses with an environment-friendly approach. He thinks that the environment has already endangered over the years. Furthermore, we as a society cannot afford to pollute it any further, if we intend to survive on a long-term basis.

E F Block Georgia, LLC is considered as the prime organization to facilitate affordable housing and provide protection to the environment, all at the same time. Together, Mr. Randolph’s organizations have served throughout Georgia, providing the State with several residential and commercial housing developments; all while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach.

According to the upper management of E F Block Georgia, LLC, the Company wants to create a hazard-free environment for the poor and rich alike. Therefore, they aim to provide modern and comprehensive EPS services for recycling. The material used by the organization in the building blocks comprises 87% Styrofoam or simply known EPS. Hence this is the way to lower down the cost for filth and construction as far as landfill sites are concerned. To make sure that the site’s environment is safe and sounds various other methods are also implemented. Hence all the public sectors acknowledge the efforts carried out by E F Block Georgia, LLC, especially EPS Recycling.

Even though there are so many NGOs operating throughout the U.S., yet, they do not utilize their full potential to serve middle and lower-class individuals. As far as the global population is concerned, the case is no different either, with many are unable to afford their own homes, even apartments for that matter. Not to forget since the beginning of the pandemic era, many people were forced to sit in their homes to add insult to the injury. Even during that period, Richard J. Randolph III and his respective organizations do deserve the applause to consider providing relief to the people.

Despite all the torrid times faced by people, E F Block Georgia, LLC and The Randolph Foundation do intend to serve people in the future, the same way they have been doing over the years. Richard J. Randolph III wants to make a positive impact through his action-based approach rather than the words says. His effort is timely and effective; aiming to provide relief to communities, all over.

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