How Banking Has Facilitated Traveling

by | Sep 20, 2021 | Travel Featured

Banking history started when Empires sought a mechanism of paying for foreign products and services that could be easily exchanged. In ancient Rome, rich individuals stored their riches and treasures in the basements of temples according to the World History Encyclopedia. The Romans, who were experienced builders and managers, removed banks from the temples and formalized them in different buildings.

Due to enormous technological advances, banking has evolved dramatically during the previous decade. The choice of the correct bank for consumers is not so easy since changes affect the way we make deposits, invest, and maintain stock accounts.

Travel is fun. And the correct tools may make it much more pleasant to travel. With the advancement in technology and internet banking, traveling is highly facilitated. Here are a few reasons, which explains why one must use a credit card while traveling anywhere in the world.

A credit card is the best buddy of travelers, whether for security, convenience, or just out of habit. In addition to making it easier to buy overseas, most credit cards provide a variety of benefits that make it your favorite way to pay for your vacation.

Comes with various perks

If you travel more than once a year, it might be a good idea for you to have a credit card including travel insurance, especially if you cancel or stop a trip, have late flights, luggage, or medical problems. If you are using a credit card with insurance, then you may save time and money in your planning process.

Certain credit cards also provide automobile rental insurance.  It is a wonderful method to save some extra bucks when you rent a car, typically when traveling.

Get a better exchange rate

For international currency conversions, some firms charge no costs at all. However, the standard is between 2.5% and 3% for each transaction, so do not forget to check the policies of your card before leaving. A simple thing that will ultimately make your wallet have a significant impact.

Make your transactions more flexible

Booking flights, shuttles, hotels, and travel now takes place nearly completely online, often months in advance.

This makes it rather necessary for anyone planning a vacation to have a credit card. You may leave more peace of mind with your booking card, knowing that when you come you will have no compromises on the quality of the accommodation or activities. It is an obligation to reserve, but also a good asset for daily expenditure.

A credit card might also provide you with additional financial flexibility with a bigger credit limit. You will not have to worry whether pre-authorization money is being kept and can handle any unforeseen costs during your trip more simply. It is a flexible and liberal form of payment.

Freedom of choice

Which one is best to use? Debit card, cash, credit card, and under what circumstances? Cash does not unexpectedly remain the easiest way to cover ordinary shopping in the rest of the world.

For rare ATM withdrawals only, you should utilize your debit card. Do not take smaller sums (service costs are expensive) and try to select ATMs in cities because they charge fewer fees than airports. Finally, the ideal way to pay for your credit card is to accept it in considerably more foreign locations than the debit card.

It is also suggested to travel on more than one card to avoid losing, robbing, or blocking your account without any resources. Even savvy travellers who notify their banks before they leave are not secure when they make their first transaction abroad,

Moreover, depending on the country, payment methods and technologies may differ. You could be denied your card. A second credit card, a second debit card, and some cash are always a good idea to make sure you have all bases.

Travelcard facility

A travel card is a bank card category designed to take account of a traveler’s demands. You receive standard credit card rewards in the form of cash back or gift card, commodity, or discounts. A travel credit card has travel advantages. Travel credit cards provide larger travel expenditures advantages and better options to earn or redeem points since partner airlines or hotels do not restrict you.

These cards provide points or miles to be paid for travel bookings or options connected to journeys. Bonus points or miles can be earned, generally when the minimum amount of expenditure has been reached during the given time. Reward points and kilometers, as well as purchases from the airline or hotel partner or some categories of traders, can be earned as well.

What’s different about Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard?

Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard is unleashing new opportunities for traveling enthusiasts. It is the only bank that has collaborated with Cathay. The users of Standard Chartered Cathay MasterCard can earn thousands of miles by its service. There are three levels, each with its travel, lifestyle, and bank advantages. Moreover, it has various recognized financial connections that will level up your traveling experience to a new level.

Cathay Pacific Limited is the renowned airways with its headquarter in Hong Kong. It is the fifth-largest airline in the world assessed by revenues, with a market capitalization as the fourteenth largest.  As the busiest cargo-driven airport in the world, Cathay Pacific was the world’s largest cargo airline in 2010, together with its major hub, Hong Kong International Airport.

The collaboration between Standard Chartered and Cathay Pacific will facilitate the clients in the following way:

With the Standard Chartered Cathay Mastercard, it was never easier to turn your daily purchases into the way you have always dreamed of traveling. For every dollar you spend, you will earn Asia Miles – and at the same time, you will earn Marco Polo club points for the first time. If you have a credit card for travel point purchases, you will earn points or miles on every transaction you make, but most issuers have points.

They assist in transaction management and monitoring. As tour cards are used particularly for travel costs (as well as for eating and leisure), they help to organize and categorize spending by their very nature. Organized in distinct and easy-to-see categories, these costs facilitate tracking trends – both good and negative. The utilization of data improves budgeting while revealing the red flags of fraudulent conduct or abuse.

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