CasinoBee Has Launched Its Twitch Channel

by | Nov 15, 2021 | Entertainment Feature

The online casino affiliate platform – has a lot of exciting announcements that they cannot wait to reveal to their users! Their team has finally launched their own live streaming channels on famous platforms YouTube and Twitch.

They say that this initiative has been taken to consolidate the worldwide community of gambling aficionados. They believe this step will not only create a community of people who are interested in gambling, but will also foster a mutual enthusiasm that would in turn strengthen the community.

As platforms such as YouTube and Twitch are extremely popular with respect to live streaming of any kind of games these days, the CasinoBee team hopped on board with the decision to launch their own channel as well. Twitch was the team’s first choice due to the popularity of the platform among gaming streamers. Moreover, the platform has as many as fifteen million daily active users, and around 2,2 to 3,2 million broadcasters who stream on a monthly basis. Thus, the CasinoBee team rightly chose to launch their Twitch channel on the 12th of October, 2021.

On contacting the CasinoBee team, they have also made their intentions about launching a YouTube channel very clear. They have mentioned that once the Twitch channel takes off, they are going to work towards launching their YouTube. With as many as 2 billion users, YouTube is the most accessible streaming platform in this decade.

What Does Their Content Look Like?

CasinoBee’s Twitch channel kicks off by walking us through the basics. The first batch of content is going to reveal basic tips and tricks to strategize through various games, and break down their games to absolute beginners.

The CasinoBee team plans on teaching the nuances that come with online gambling to all the interested first-timers and newbies. The team believes that it will be helpful to people if they begin with the basics and move on to streaming actual gameplay. However, they are planning to delve into more advanced contents in the future as well.

Aside from that, they are also planning to review various casinos and games live and in person for all their players, subscribers and followers.

Why Should You Watch Their Channel?

First things first, because it is fun! Secondly, and the most crucial reason is because they are the first ones who are patiently trying to teach the newbies and rookies in the community on the basics of online gambling. This is something which none of us have witnessed earlier. No casino affiliate platform provides tips and tricks live to show people how to gamble online as far as we know.

Final Thoughts

After all that’s been said and done, we do have something vital to conclude the article with. This is a PSA about safe and responsible gambling. It is important to know your safety and stay conscious while gambling (both online and otherwise). Contrary to popular portrayals, gambling under the influence of alcohol or drugs can severely affect your mental health, your gameplay as well as your bank balance.

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