Stop What You’re Doing And Try This Tasty Turmeric Smoothie!

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Health Featured

A nutritious smoothie is always a good start to the day. There are so many alternative options that you may try, whether you prefer arranging them with fruits or greens! But, what you may not have considered before is combining spice to your morning cup of tea. That’s right – spice!

Adding certain herbs and spices to your smoothie may help you discover new tastes while staying healthy, despite the fact that many people believe this is not the case. In particular, turmeric has a lot of health benefits when used in food or drink.

First and foremost, why should you use turmeric?

Many people go to great lengths to incorporate turmeric into their everyday routine. This is due to the fact that, like ginger, it promotes optimal bodily function. It’s not unusual for individuals to consume turmeric tablets to aid good digestion, and for this reason alone, it’s worth including in your smoothies.

Tasty Turmeric and Pineapple Smoothie Recipe

Let’s look at how to incorporate turmeric into your smoothies. We’ve discovered the most delicious turmeric smoothie of them all after conducting a lot of taste tests. Here is your simple-to-follow recipe:

Ingredients Needed:

To make this tasty turmeric smoothie, all you’ll need are a few ingredients:

  • Milk
  • Frozen pineapple chunks (this will create a thicker consistency)
  • Banana (preferably a fresh banana)
  • 1 tsp ground turmeric
  • ⅓ tsp of grated ginger

Don’t worry if you’re combining turmeric and ginger in your smoothie; the fruit nicely balances out the spicy flavour, creating a drink unlike any other.


Put all the ingredients into a blender, and mix until smooth. It should only take about 30 seconds because the frozen pineapple chunks will give it a creamy texture right away.

So, if there are any lumps in the mixture after 30 seconds, keep blending until it’s smooth. The final product should be thick and creamy.

It’s only a few sips away from enjoying a sweet and savoury smoothie. Pour it into your favourite glass once the mixture has been puréed until smooth. We weren’t kidding when we said it’d be unlike any other (and let’s not forget that it’s nutritious!).

There are hundreds of turmeric smoothie recipes available for you to try. It may be added to just about any smoothie! You’ll be sure to discover something that works for you, whether it’s super sweet or extremely savoury.

Do you want to squeeze the most juice possible out of your morning smoothies? These extra ideas may be useful.

Top Tip #1: Add turmeric in tiny quantities at first to avoid being overwhelmed by the taste. This will allow you to get used to the gingery flavour without tainting your delicious fresh smoothie!

And, don’t forget that if you don’t want to consume turmeric because it tastes awful, there are numerous supplements that may give you the advantages of turmeric.

Top Tip #2: If you enjoy the heat, consider doubling up for an extra kick. This dish combines both ginger and turmeric, but there’s a lot more you can add. There are many other recipes that may be tried based on your preferences.


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