Cost for Replacement Knee Surgery

by | Dec 17, 2021 | Health Featured

Today, the method of surgical replacement is one of the most effective in the treatment of advanced stages of many diseases that affect the limbs. Thanks to the use of modern, high-quality prostheses, sparing treatment of soft tissues, and precise surgical techniques, patients can get up and walk within a few hours after a surgery. Undergoing the replacement surgery in specialized centers or Orthopedic Departments of multidisciplinary hospitals is the best option.

When knee replacement surgery is needed?

Due to degenerative changes or as a consequence of injury, mechanical damage occurs in the knee area. At the onset of knee impairment, a specialist may prescribe conservative treatment that includes taking painkillers, medications that stimulate cartilage regeneration, food supplements, a specific diet, and exercises. But if the treatment fails, the pain becomes more intense, and the person can not move around without support, radical measures are needed. In such cases, the only chance to avoid disability is knee replacement.

What happens during a knee replacement surgery?

The goal of knee replacement is to reduce pain by restoring joint function. Knee replacement is an effective and sometimes the only way to restore the function of the joint, allowing significantly improving the quality of life. During surgery, affected joint components are replaced with artificial ones, which resemble the shape of a healthy joint.

Based on the anatomy of the knee, the prosthesis is selected individually. If only one area of the knee joint is affected, a unipolar, or partial prosthesis is used. With partial prosthetics, an artificial joint replaces only the affected area of the knee.

Modern prostheses are potentially indestructible. Installed inside the human body, they can serve for 15-20 years, and when the joint is worn out, it can be replaced again.

How much does a knee replacement surgery cost?

When contacting a hospital, you will start from an orthopedist consultation. First of all, a physician will conduct a thorough examination. Usually, you need X-ray, but in especially complicated cases magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography may be required.

When the exact diagnosis is established, the surgeon will make a treatment plan (conservative or surgical one). If knee surgery is necessary, its cost will be calculated individually. The price is influenced by many factors. Among the main ones are the type of surgery, stage of the disease, presence of complications and comorbidities, patient’s age, type of prosthesis chosen, and others.

To have an idea of cost for replacement knee surgery, look at the list of prices below:

  • The cost of total knee replacement starts at 11,801 EUR
  • The cost of bilateral total knee replacement starts at 28,700 EUR
  • The cost of bilateral total knee replacement and rehabilitation starts at 33,689 EUR

For personal calculation of the cost for replacement knee surgery, visit the Booking Health website.

How to undergo knee replacement surgery abroad during a lockdown?

Endoprosthetics is no longer a novelty in modern orthopedics. Knee replacement is becoming a fairly popular procedure, and it should be noted that the costs correspond with the quality. It should also be noted that the cost of knee replacement surgery is worth the money because the endoprosthesis is tested for reliability and accuracy of movement.

With that said, many people prefer to undergo such interventions abroad. However, the lockdown forces people to look for alternative ways of travelling abroad for treatment, one of which is using the services of a medical tourism company.

Booking Health organizes knee replacement surgery during the lockdown in any country and hospital you choose, providing you with information on what the cost of knee replacement surgery actually includes. The company offers comprehensive treatment programs with fixed prices and cost of treatment guarantee. In comparison to organizing the treatment by oneself, using the services of Booking Health gives you an assurance that your investment in your health will pay off.

Fill in the request form on the Booking Health website for a consultation regarding knee replacement surgery and its cost.

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