How to Determine the Best Bean Bags for Sensory Issues

by | Dec 1, 2021 | Health Featured

People who have sensory issues often enjoy handling bean bags because of their unique texture. This often extends to sitting and laying on bean bag chairs as well because people who have sensory issues like to feel surrounded by a cocoon-like structure. The best bean bags for sensory issues are those that are comfortable, appropriately colored, and durable.


The main feature of bean bag chairs that you should consider for someone with sensory issues is comfort. Bean bag chairs that provide a “weightless” feeling when you sit on them because they conform to your body are excellent options for helping people with sensory issues feel safe. In fact, many kids with sensory problems have said that these bean bags feel like a big hug! Often, teachers and parents have trouble getting their kids out of these bean bags because they feel so comfortable in them.

To get this weightless feeling, you’ll need to choose a bean bag chair that is filled with tiny polystyrene beads because this material is designed to shift with weight and form to the figure that is providing the weight. When you sit in a chair filled with these beads, you’ll be completely supported from head to toe, which is what gives you the impression of a gentle hug.

Appropriately Colored

Not all sensory problems are the same. Some people with sensory issues don’t like to be touched or need to feel gentle pressure around their body so they can find themselves in space. Other people’s sensory problems manifest visually. If the person you’re getting a bean bag chair for has visual sensory issues, you’ll want to choose a bean bag that has a muted color rather than one that is brightly colored. This is because kids can get distracted by color and not be able to focus on a task while they’re in the chair if it’s too bright.

Fortunately, many of the top bean bag chair brands that are filled with polystyrene microbeads come in a range of colors from earth tones to bright rainbow hues. You’ll be able to pick the chair that comes in the right color for your loved one to make sure they can use the chair for whatever purposes they need.


Durability is particularly important if you’re getting the bean bag chair for a child with sensory issues. Adults can usually restrain themselves from jumping on the bean bag chair or from intentionally trying to damage it. Kids with sensory problems, however, may not have this same self-control. They may want to jump on the bean bag chair, or if they also have behavioral issues, may take out their frustrations on the chair. A bean bag chair that has the actual bag of filler inside a separate cover can help prevent messes from accidental punctures. A cover made out of a strong material such as a cotton-spandex blend is also a good idea since this material will be more difficult to rip or tear, even under the most extreme conditions (barring sharp utensils, of course).


When choosing furniture for people with sensory issues, you have to carefully consider various factors such as comfort, colors, and durability. Fortunately, there are many bean bag chairs available on the market that can meet these special needs.

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