Things to Consider When Building a Carport on Your Own

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Jobs Featured

You want to protect your truck from extreme weather conditions, and a carport can be the solution. The good thing about carports is that you can build them yourself, provided you know basic construction,  carpentry, and handling masonry tools.

Building a carport is cheaper than building a garage. It will provide temporary protection against the elements, but keep in mind that it will not give all the security measures that a garage will provide.

But what do you need to build a DIY carport?

Building a carport on your own

If you can build a carport on your own, you should first determine where you want to place it. The location should be easy to access, open, and there should be enough room to maneuver your car conveniently.

When you are ready to start building, here are the steps.

Prepare the ground properly.

Proper preparation of the ground ensures that the foundation of the carport is firm. Check with your local planning office if you need special permits to build a carport, as some cities have building regulations that you should follow. You should also determine the size of the carport you plan to build.

Collect the required tools and supplies

Decide what materials you want to use, such as metal or wood. If you are located in a relatively dry area that is not prone to extreme weather conditions, wood could be a good choice, provided you are used to working with wood. In addition, wood is sturdier and long-lasting, so you can be sure that you can use the carport for a long time.

Mark the area with accurate measurements

You must have exact measurements for the carport. Typically, you should provide space around—eight to nine feet wide and 15 to 16 feet long. This space will be enough for a regular-sized vehicle—work from these numbers when your truck is bigger. Mark the size correctly, and then decide how many posts you need for the carport. If you build the carport near your house and use one of the walls as an anchor, you will need at least six posts. Allocate one post each for all the corners of the marked area and two at the area’s midpoint. Ensure that the holes for the posts are deep enough to ensure that the pillars will not topple when you attach the roofing. Strengthen the base with concrete.

Level the ground

The ground must be grass-free so that you can level it properly. The base should be flat and should ensure a strong foundation. Another important thing is to ensure that the carport posts are buried firmly on the ground. The soil should still be level if you want a concrete foundation, but you need to have crushed granite before using concrete and gravel.

Attach the roof

If you are using a carport kit, attach the roof, following the instructions. First, you should connect the metal joist hangers correctly. Next, you strengthen the entire structure with the metal bracing for the joints. Some DIY kits provide parts that are already stained or painted. If not, it is your option to paint the structure for a better appeal.

You need to properly prepare the ground where you want to place your DIY carport. Likewise, if you are using a DIY carport kit, it is still essential to carefully understand the instructions before starting the project.


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