Forecasting our Future: UC Davis professor models how policy decisions affect the severity of climate change – KCRA Sacramento

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Climate Change

The climate crisis is a global issue requiring global solutions to mitigate the severity of its impacts and to adapt to the changes the planet is already seeing.Global cooperation is certainly no easy task. But Dr. Fran Moore, a professor with UC Davis’ Environmental Science and Policy department is modeling how effective proposed solutions to climate change may or may not be.”If we think about what climate change is going to look like over the rest of this century, what human communities do and what nations do to regulate, or not, greenhouse gases is really a primary determinant of the climate future we’re going to face,” Moore said.Many climate models currently account for human greenhouse gas emissions. Those emissions are the source of the climate crisis problem. Moore’s research hopes to provide ways for climate models to account for how we can also be a part of the solution.There are currently countless climate initiatives being adopted around the world. Public opinions on climate change are also shifting and influencing national policies. Moore’s research attempts to account for all of that by modeling close to 100,000 different future scenarios based on which act …

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