What Do You Need To Apply for a Pool Permit?

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Travel Featured

Before you can add a pool to your property, you’ll need a residential pool permit. This permit allows you to move ahead with your pool-buildings plans. While pool building companies like Floridian can help you complete some steps in this process, there are some things you have to take into your own hands. Here are some of the requirements you’ll have to meet before you can get a pool permit.

Initial Requirements for All Pools

There are different types of pool permits based on the type of pool you want to install. In-ground pools have different permit requirements than above-ground pools, for instance. Regardless, every type of pool permit requires the following:

  • A site plan that shows the location of the potential pool, including a survey or blueprint document.
  • A lot grading plan that details the slope of your land and deals with any drainage concerns.

A pool builder may be able to help you with some of these requirements, including a grading plan that includes a finished floor elevation.

In-Ground Pool and Spa Requirements

In-ground pools and spas require quite a few documents and inspections to get a building permit. Here’s a quick rundown of the documents you might need before you can get started with the actual building process:

  • Construction plans are prepared and approved by a Florida Licensed Professional Engineer or Registered Architect.
  • Pool layout plans, including features like lights, drains, sun shelf installations, and other features.
  • Site-specific engineering information for water features, stairs, and other unique pool features.
  • A separate building permit for rain curtains and shade structures. Your pool building contractor will be able to get permits for these features.

In addition to these layout plans and permits, you might also need the following documents.

  • A document detailing how deep the pool will be at each point.
  • A document detailing the dimensions of the pool and spa areas, as well as any decks you plan on adding.
  • A document adding up the square footage of the pool, deck, and spa if applicable.
  • Worksheets for the Total Dynamic Head Calculation and Energy Efficiency Compliance Information for Residential Swimming Pools. This information can be included in the plans you submitted above, but you can also submit them here.
  • Information about your circulation system. This includes:
    • Pump size, make, and model
    • Heater make, model, and fuel type
    • Main drain make and model
    • Filter make and model
  • A site-specific Swimming Pool Safety Affirmation, which can be completed by your contractor.

Fiberglass Pool Additional Requirements

If you choose to use a fiberglass pool, there are a few different documentation points you should cover. Submit these documents at the same time as the rest of the pool permit documents listed above.

  • Documentation about the leveling method for your property.
  • Your backfill method, as well as the material and compaction data about the backfill.
  • Information about how you will support structures within the pool, including the steps, sun shelf, and other features.
  • Information about the engineering method your contractor plans to use to avoid hydrostatic pressure based on the soil conditions on your property.

Other Requirements

If you choose to use an above-ground pool, there are a completely different set of requirements to manage. Of course, above-ground pools, fountains, retaining walls, and portable spas don’t need the same depth of documentation. Because they are more portable and require a less extreme installation than in-ground pools, you can get a permit a little bit easier.

In addition to these different types of permit documents, however, you will have to have an inspection. The inspections required for your pool installation vary based on the project. You can schedule inspections online at each major step. Inspections are required after:

  • Groundwork is laid.
  • Plumbing is installed.
  • Electrical equipment is installed.
  • When the project is complete, but before you fill your new pool with water.

Other inspections may be required based on the type and scope of your project.


Getting a permit for your new pool can seem like an overwhelming task. Thankfully, Floridian is here to help. We’ll walk you through each step of the process and ensure that we’re doing our part to make the process as smooth as possible. Call to schedule a consultation today!

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