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by | May 25, 2022 | Jobs

Maskot/DigitalVision/Getty ImagesNonprofit organizations work toward a mission. And nonprofits rely on technology to spread the word, provide services, and fundraise. That means they also rely on tech professionals. Small nonprofits need all-purpose IT professionals, while larger organizations hire software developers, data analysts, and web developers. Nonprofit tech jobs offer more than a line on your resume — they’re also rewarding and meaningful. Working at a nonprofit can be a great way to advance your career while contributing to a good cause.Nonprofits need tech professionalsNonprofits rely on volunteers, coordinators, fundraisers, and directors to serve their cause. And they also need tech professionals. What kinds of nonprofit tech jobs exist? Almost any job in the corporate world also exists in the nonprofit sector, including many computer science jobs and information technology careers. Nonprofits need web developers to create informative websites that accept online donations. They hire software engineers to create apps and integrate technology into their systems. Project managers help nonprofits provide services that require technology. Nonprofits also rely on data analysts, IT professionals, and UX/UI designers to connect with donors, serve diverse populations, and achieve their organizational goals. Advantages of working at a nonprofitWorking at a nonprofit offers several advantages for tech professionals. First, nonprofits work toward a cause rather than for profits. Many tech professionals find working in the nonprofit sector rewarding. Rather than focusing on quarterly earnings and stock prices, nonprofits emphasize helping people and improving the world.Compared to the major tech companies, nonprofits can provide greater role flexibility. In smaller nonprofit organizations, tech professionals take on several roles and expand their skill sets. Experience at a nonprofit organization can also help tech professionals build their resumes and target specific jobs at tech companies.With an expanding number of remote work opportunities, tech professionals ca …

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