8 Ways To Make Flight Cancellations Less Frustrating

by | Jul 26, 2022 | Travel

Flying in summer 2022 has not been an ideal experience. It seems like every other day there are headlines about mass delays and cancellations. When cancellations occur, passengers can end up stranded, miss important events or arrive late for a long-awaited trip. Of course, we can’t control the many factors that lead to flights getting canceled, but there are ways to make the experience less painful.AdvertisementBelow, experts share their advice for reducing the risk of a flight cancellation, easing the stress and taking action so you may eventually reach your destination as smoothly as possible. Expect things to go wrong“The first step to traveling this season is anticipating that things will go wrong ― that’s just the reality as airports and airlines try to cope with staffing shortages,” said Julia Menez, host of the “Geobreeze Travel” podcast.Managing your expectations is a good way to set yourself up for a better emotional response if a flight cancellation affects your trip. You might also be better equipped with things to keep you occupied at the airport should you find yourself standing in a long line to rebook your itinerary or waiting at the gate for the later flight you have to take. Read up on what the airline owes you in the event that your flight is canceled. You may be entitled to compensation ― though it can vary based on the stated reason for the cancellation. The Department of Transportation’s website includes a guide outlining passengers’ rights, so you can be prepared to advocate for yourself. Advertisement“When it comes to flight cancellations, always expect the unexpected,” said Martin Jones, CEO of Airport Parking Reservations. “Organization and forward planning is essential to avoid that last-minute panic. It is important that you know your rights well ahead of your flight, thereby if your flight is canceled you are aware of what the airline is obliged to do for you a …

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