Can You Take Too Much CBD Oil?

by | Jul 22, 2022 | Health Featured

CBD, known as Cannabidiol, a derivation of Cannabis, has multiple benefits because it doesn’t have any form of intoxication after consumption. CBD Oil is one of its kind with several benefits that lie within the usage of cannabis products.

CBD Oil is a recreation of marijuana. Research has shown some of the main benefits coming after using CBD Oil. It includes relief from anxiety and depression, neurodegenerative disorders, pain relief, stubborn acne and scars, and above all, it’s quite beneficial in treating the deadliest cancers.

It either comes in the form of a powder or oil. You can avoid its direct usage by adding this oil to creams or gel and then applying it for the results. Another way of orally using them is through capsules, or you can consume them in the form of CBD Gummies.

Before finishing, you should have a doctor’s consultation and thorough knowledge about how CBD Gummies are made?

However, it’s 100% true that we should consume everything within a limit. Excessive intake of any medicine or remedy can be fatal. So how much CBD Oil is too much CBD Oil? Can you take too much CBD Oil? Let’s get to know in detail.

How much CBD oil is too much CBD Oil?

It might be challenging to understand if we look for a specific answer to this question. There is no short answer to this query.

However, research on a schizophrenia patient has shown that consuming almost 1500 mg of CBD oil a day is equal to drinking an entire bottle of it, and he reported no side effects and complaints after it.

After this, research was conducted to know the limit of CBD oil usage a day, and it found that consuming CBD Oil around 1500-6000 mg was tolerable for the patients to swallow.

Some patients reported mild complaints of headache, diarrhoea, and nausea, but it was tolerable.

It shows that 6000 mg of CBD Oil can be the limit for the human body to consume.

Above this quantity, it might cause them certain disorders or intolerance. Although CBD Oil is a safe product to use and has shown excellent results in treating different problems, a considerable quantity of it can be damaged.

There are specific ways to consume products that include CBD Oil. Some capsules have CBD locked in them, and you must gulp them down with water.

Other ways can be considered using them in the form of oil. You can massage them down to your body part to heal. So CBD Capsules Vs. CBD Oil: Which One Should You Choose?

Comparatively, ingesting capsules in which CBD oil is taught, it’s found better to consume it in the form of oil. You need to put them underneath your tongue, which directly gets into the bloodstream.


There are multiple ways to use CBD Oil. You can also use them as Loxa Beauty Cannabidiol Moisturiser (50ml, 500g CBD)  to witness a miraculous change in your skin hydration. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin heal in various ways. However, everything works when there’s a limit.

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