Essential Academic Skills Your Child Should Learn

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Education Feature

As your child heads off to school, there are a few essential academic skills they should master first. These skills will set them up for success in the classroom and beyond. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Managing Time Wisely


One of the essential skills for a child to learn is how to manage their time wisely. This includes knowing how to set goals, plan out what they need to do, and then stick to their schedule. There are a few different techniques that can help with this process. One way to help kids learn how to manage their time is by giving them small tasks that they can complete in a short amount of time. This will help them feel successful and give them a sense of accomplishment. It will also help them learn how to plan and organize their time to complete more significant tasks.

You can also receive time management tips from your child’s teachers who have passed the FTCE Reading K-12. This exam requires time management and abundant knowledge regarding reading comprehension, vocabulary and structure, literary analysis, and more. By having your child speak with their teacher, they will receive advice and tips about time management. Encouraging your child to use a planner is another way you can help them learn how to manage their time effectively. Having everything written down in one place will make it easier for them to stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Planners can also be helpful in tracking assignments, tests, and other important dates. It’s important for parents not to micro-manage their children when managing their time. Letting them figure out some things independently will allow them to develop problem-solving skills and resilience, which will come in handy later in life.

However, if you see that your child is struggling or having trouble meeting deadlines, it’s OK to offer some guidance or assistance. The key is finding a balance between letting your child learn independently and helping them when needed.

Working With Numbers and Formulas


When your child learns how to work with numbers and formulas, they can start to understand basic mathematical operations, algebraic concepts, and geometry concepts. To help your child learn how to work with numbers and formulas, you can start by teaching them basic mathematics operations, like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can also help them practice solving algebraic equations, graphing linear equations, understanding ratios and proportions, and calculating percentages. Additionally, you can help them learn about basic geometric shapes and concepts such as points, lines, angles, areas, and volumes.

Speaking to An Audience

Public speaking is another essential academic skill that your child should know. It is a great way to communicate ideas and express thoughts. It can also help your child develop confidence and leadership skills. There are many ways to help your child become a better public speaker. One way is to help them practice. Have your child practice in front of a mirror, or have them give a speech to a small group of friends.

You can also help them prepare by giving them feedback and helpful tips. Another way to help your child become a better public speaker is to expose them to different types of speeches. Have them watch videos of speeches, read speeches, or listen to speeches. This will help them understand the structure and format of speeches. It will also help them develop ideas and learn how to communicate them effectively.


Essential skills that children should learn to be successful in school and life include reading, writing, math, and critical thinking. These skills are essential for academic success, but they are also crucial for developing a solid work ethic, problem-solving skills, and independence.

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