Top Features that Influenced the Rise of Online Sport Betting

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Sports Featured

Alt: Online Sports Betting

For many years online sports betting was put on ice but brought a spark to the online gambling industry since its inclusion in the global market. Recently, betting on sporting events has been a trend amongst punters across the globe. In this article, we will discuss the features that influenced the rise of online sports betting, including player tracking, live stream betting, crypto betting, and promotional rewards.

1.   Player Tracking

Through player tracking, the development and usage of artificial intelligence have altered the growth of the online sports betting industry. With this feature, punters have access to real-time player information for their betting analysis. For instance, you can get the latest on horses before the races begin to increase your chances of winning cash prizes. As a result of that, online sports betting has been the favorite arena for several punters across the globe.

2.   Live Stream Betting

Live streaming of sporting events has been a trend amongst people globally for a while. However, the inclusion of betting makes it more fun. Online sports betting platforms provide their customers with a remarkable user experience with live stream betting. With this feature, players place wagers on sporting events while watching them live on online betting websites. This feature has extra betting fluidity and a more thrilling user experience which gives punters more confidence and better chances of a positive outcome.

3.   Crypto Betting

The regulations and the strict payment methods policies in several countries limit the usage of some payment methods while playing sports bets online. To tackle this issue, online gambling platforms accept virtual currencies for withdrawals and deposits. Some of these virtual currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and so on.

Transactions that are done with cryptocurrencies have a high level of anonymity and are untraceable. Therefore, they can’t be controlled or monitored by the authorities. Aside from that, the high-security level of crypto transactions makes it impossible for scammers and hackers to tamper with transactions and player wallets.

4.   Promotional Rewards

Online sports betting websites provide their customers with free bets and several bonuses. These rewards give punters a head start and increase their chances of winning without placing bets from their bankrolls. Several top gambling platforms offer new customers welcome bonuses after they complete their registration. In some cases, punters are required to make certain amounts of initial deposits to qualify for these rewards. However, these promotional rewards normally come with wagering requirements that must be met before the bonuses can be withdrawn.

Final Thoughts

Online sports betting wasn’t a gambling trend for many years, but since its introduction to the global market, it has been a prominent figure. Today, sport betting platforms are among the favourite arenas for several punters across the globe due to some advanced features. Some of these features include promotional rewards for players, crypto betting, live stream betting, and player tracking.

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