Community leaders in Georgia called upon to promote COVID-19 vaccination – World Health Organization

by | Oct 12, 2022 | COVID-19

To date, around 650 leaders from Christian and Muslim faith groups have been equipped with the necessary knowledge to conduct faith-based gatherings safely, promote the efficacy and safety of COVID-19 vaccines and infection-prevention measures, and help counter misinformation. The last round of training sessions with community leaders focused on opinion leaders from the Armenian and Azerbaijani minorities in Georgia, who together constitute over 12% of the population. Reaching out to faith leadersWorking closely with partner civil society organizations (CSOs) and local authorities, the WHO Country Office interviewed faith leaders and collected frequently asked questions. They then developed a tailored set of key messages to answer all types of questions related to COVID-19, debunk rumours, and address vaccine safety concerns. “We relied on civil society organizations that had established networks among faith communities to help us engage with religious leaders,” says Dr Silviu Domente, WHO Representative and Head of WHO Country Office in Georgia. “Eventually, after continuous dialogue, they agreed to attend informational sessions, and share what they learned at religious functions and on social media by participating in online communications campaigns. This is one of the strengths of WHO – the ability to bring miscellaneous stakeholders together, united by a common goal.”“Faith leaders in Georgia as elsewhere c …

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