NerdWallet: 8 signs you need a new credit card

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Stock Market

This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet.  There’s no such thing as a universal best credit card. The right card for you depends on your lifestyle, your goals and your credit history. For instance, if you’re looking for travel rewards but your friend is building credit, the best card for each of you will differ greatly.

And while there may not be one best card for you — the average American has about three cards, according to a 2021 Experian
study — there are many times a card can be wrong for a specific situation. Here are eight times you could be using the wrong credit card, and what you can do instead.1. You’re still using your starter credit card You may have started out by building your credit with a secured card, student card or alternative card, but once your credit is in better shape, it may be time to upgrade. If you’ve used a starter card responsibly by keeping your utilization rate low and paying balances in full every month, you may qualify for a card that’s a better fit now. A different card could offer a higher credit limit, better rewards earnings, and perks like cell phone protection and travel benefits. Some card issuers may automatically upgrade your card once you’ve reached certain thresholds, while others may not. Contact the issuer to check your options.2. You’re not using a card enough to earn the sign-up bonus New cardholders can often earn a lucrative welcome bonus, but usually with a caveat: You have to spend a minimum amount within a specific time frame to get it. Note the spending requirements for a card’s sign-up bonus, and use the new credit card enough by the deadline. If you continue to pay with an older …

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