Should I Buy Extra Rental Car Insurance? Is It Really Worth It?

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The dollar sign isn’t always the most crucial consideration. Knowing you have adequate travel insurance is a significant step toward relaxing and enjoying your trip. A common motivation for recommending a damage waiver is the desire of travelers to avoid the trouble of filing a claim.

You need to prepare yourself financially to pay for any damages out of pocket if you do not possess a personal vehicle and rely only on the coverage provided by your credit card. You could have to use your credit card provider for compensation if you don’t have enough money to compensate for the damages. You may incur additional costs like towing and storage if you have to wait for a refund.

Sometimes motorists prefer not to involve their primary insurance provider. Check the rental auto insurance rates against your current policy if your auto policy has a high deductible. If you take the time to read the fine print of your car insurance policy, you may be able to make a more well-informed decision regarding your protection needs. To know about whether you should buy extra rental car insurance or not check this website here.

Will My Current Auto Policy Cover A Rental Car?

Liability and any other coverages you’ve selected, such as comprehensive and collision, make up a personal auto insurance policy. When renting a car for your own use, you may be covered by that policy. Use of a rental vehicle is subject to the coverage limits and deductibles of your auto insurance policy.

During an accident caused by your car, liability insurance can assist pay for the medical expenses and property damage of the other party (or your rental vehicle).

Damage to your car (or a rented car) caused by theft, high winds, fire, and natural catastrophes are all covered by comprehensive insurance. The deductible on your comprehensive insurance policy comes into play.

If you or your rental car crash with another vehicle or an immovable object like a fence or tree, collision insurance can assist cover the costs of repairs. The deductible on your collision insurance policy will be used.

Is Rental Car Insurance Available With My Credit Card?

The Insurance Information Institute reports that, along with your vehicle insurance, some credit cards offer extra insurance for car rentals. If you have supplementary rental automobile insurance through your credit card provider, you should call the toll-free number and ask for an explanation of your coverage options.

If, for instance, your credit card already includes collision coverage for rental cars, you can forego the rental agency’s offer of collision insurance. The insurance provided by the card issuer is often “secondary,” as defined by the III. Therefore, it may cover costs your primary insurer doesn’t cover, like your deductible and any extra medical care you need.

According to Forbes, certain rental vehicles may be ineligible for coverage by some credit card companies.

  • Luxury vehicles
  • Motorhomes
  • Trucks
  • Motorcycles

Before signing a lease, verify your perks.

Does Rental Car Insurance Make Sense?

If you don’t have vehicle insurance, you will need at least liability coverage from the rental company before hitting the road.

Renter’s insurance is recommended if you face any of the following potential problems:

  • If you don’t have on your existing policy:
  • You’re only insured under a
  • It’s not worth taking the chance of having to pay a hefty deductible.
  • And your current auto insurance won’t cover you if you drive abroad (other than in Canada). Take a look at your insurance plan to find out.

When I take a trip, should I rent a car? Will my auto insurance cover it?

In most cases, you may get interim coverage for a rental automobile through your existing affordable auto insurance policy. Your rented property is included in this. You may not be fully protected despite this. Keep an eye out for those spaces.

  • The duration of your rental exceeds the period covered by your insurance.
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage is not part of your standard auto policy.
  • You have booked a rental that is worth more than your vehicle.
  • Make sure you are aware that your deductible is still in effect.

What about the insurance that comes with a rented car?

In an accident, rental low-cost car insurance will cover your expenses, as promised. However, most drivers have adequate protection from their cheapest auto insurance policies.

In addition, your regular insurance provider may be able to supply you with the rental coverage you require at a reduced rate by adding a rider to your existing policy or issuing you a temporary coverage policy. It’s possible that rental car insurance is not a scam, but you may find cheaper coverage elsewhere (if you even need it).


Insurance on a rental car might not seem like a big deal until you’re at the counter and the agent suggests it. While seemingly insignificant, this additional offer packs a punch. Knowing your current coverage and priorities is the only way to decide if you need additional automobile rental insurance.

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