The Moneyist: ‘I’m simply stunned’: The executor of my mother’s will said I received enough money — and gave $16,000 of my inheritance to a cancer charity

by | Oct 11, 2022 | Stock Market

Dear Quentin, I was mentioned in the will of my mother and her long-time partner. They both passed away recently. I received the funds from my mother’s sale of her home, but the executor refuses to provide me with the funds from her long-term partner’s share, worth about $16,000.

The executor said that I have received enough funds and told me she sent my mother’s partner’s funds to a cancer center. I’m sure that a lot of people are jilted out of inheritance by shady executors. I’m simply stunned. What can I do? I don’t have enough money to hire a lawyer.  Thank you in advance for your advice. Still in DisbeliefDear Still, It’s not the executor’s job to don a pair of green tights and play the role of Robinhood. They can save those antics for the local amateur-dramatic society. In the real world, they must abide by the law. You can look into free legal aid in your state, and report the executor to the probate court. They should be removed as executor, and could face felony charges. Even if the money did go to a cancer charity — and I have serious doubts about that — the executor broke the law by giving this money away. …

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