Why Should Teachers Encourage Good Attendance In Their Students?

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Education Feature

When it comes to the various U.S. employment sectors, teaching ranks highly as not only one of the most useful but also one of the most popular jobs. There are a lot of choices to make when pursuing a teaching career, including what age range you will specialize in and which subjects you will be qualified to teach.

We will always need teachers, so it is a career choice that offers good job security. When you also consider the opportunity it provides to help students realize their full potential, the appeal is clear. This ability to have a direct positive influence on students is something that draws many people to the sector. This can certainly be seen in how teachers can positively impact student behavior, with the ability to foster a healthy attitude toward attendance being a great example.

Why is good attendance something all teachers should encourage, and how can you become a teacher and enjoy the chance to have such a big impact?

Education is vital for a teaching career

To teach in high schools, colleges or universities, you need the right training and qualifications. For those who are just starting out in the sector, qualifications such as a bachelor’s degree give you the credentials needed to begin teaching. Of course, you could also earn more advanced degrees after this to better prepare for senior roles in education. One interesting choice available to some students is studying abroad. If you want to get the feel of studying at an overseas institution without having to move abroad, online courses are another option.

The 100% online MA Education course at Exeter University in the UK takes just two years to complete and is a great example. It is perfect for progressing toward leadership roles in global education and suitable for those looking for employment in a wide range of U.S. educational settings.

Regardless of the level of your teaching career and the academic course you study, being able to steer students in the right direction is crucial. Good attendance is one area where you can put this into action.

Here is a look at why promoting good attendance is so important.

It helps with student retention

Good attendance is critical for overall student retention. This is something that is especially useful to those in higher-level teaching roles, which require you to lead. If you are a school principal, for example, being able to retain the students you have and stop them from leaving is crucial.

One of the best ways to go about this is by fostering good attendance levels. This will help students stay more connected with your institution and feel closer to what is going on. High levels of attendance also mean students are able to settle fully into education, enjoy it and discover just how great it can be.

Better outcomes for students

Of course, good attendance is also important for allowing students to realize their potential and perform well academically. High levels of attendance mean they are actually in class to learn, submit coursework, and take exams. This will help them get better results at the end of their time with you and set them up to succeed in life moving ahead. In contrast, students who have low attendance will not be prepared for what comes next.

Good attendance is better for friendships and support  

Although many students may feel that good attendance is something that benefits their high school or college, the main benefit is actually enjoyed by the students themselves. High attendance levels will mean they are able to spend more time with classmates and build close friendships. This helps not only with making friends but also with developing key people skills.

Encouraging good attendance in students is also important because it means they can get support if needed when on-site. Pastoral support in schools after all is just as important as pastoral support at work. Whether they are experiencing personal issues, bullying, or problems at home, students can only get the help they need if they are actually there to ask for it.

It promotes better behavior

Fostering healthy attitudes toward attendance is also important in terms of general behavior. It helps to set a clear standard regarding what is expected of them and how crucial it is that they follow all the rules an educational setting may have. Good attendance also means that students are on premises enough to know what the rules are and why they need to follow them. If they are absent a lot, this may not be the case.

It is important to note how vital encouraging good attendance is for students’ future after education. After all, they will not get very far if they only turn up for work a few days per week or don’t bother turning up to major events in their life. By instilling good habits related to attendance now, you are setting students up to succeed in life.

How can you encourage good attendance in education?

Now that you know why encouraging high attendance levels is worthwhile, you may be wondering the best way to approach it.

First, you must clearly explain your attendance policy and let students know what is expected of them. In addition, it is crucial to explain why good attendance is so important and the reasoning behind your attendance policy. You must also clearly set out what will happen if students do not have good attendance and be prepared to follow through on this if necessary.

Encouraging good attendance makes sense

When you think of all the ways that good attendance can enhance students’ lives, it is clear why it is so important to encourage it. It can have a considerable impact on how much they get out of their education, the friendships they develop, and how well they do in their career.

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