Everest Business Funding Explains How to Create an Excellent Customer Service Experience

by | Nov 23, 2022 | Business Feature

What keeps businesses in operation? Yes, the employees and executives are the hands and feet of moving a business forward, but the root of what keeps companies in operation is customers.

Without consumers existing and fueling revenue into the business, there would be no business to operate. Satisfied customers become repeat customers and contribute a positive perspective toward business reputation. Everest Business Funding states that to guarantee happy customers, companies should focus on creating a bulletproof customer service experience that is both easy to execute and helpful for the consumer.

To avoid complicated or time-consuming solutions, Everest Business Funding provides these simple pointers that can make a significant improvement to a customer service experience:

  1. Call Customers by Their Names

An easy way to personalize every consumer’s interaction with customer service is to have customer service representatives prioritize using the customer’s name during conversations. Conversations can happen in person, via email or text, over the phone, during a customer survey, or through chat on a company’s website. Prioritizing kindness, being friendly to consumers, and addressing them by their name allows a customer service team to humanize consumer-business interaction.

Also, in regards to hearing one’s own name, research published through the National Library of Medicine measured participants’ brain activation patterns in response to hearing one’s own first name compared to hearing other people’s names. They found that when a person hears their name, a specifically unique brain functioning activation occurs as a reaction. More simply put, people typically become joyfully excited to hear their name said by someone else.

  1. Infuse Interactions with Respect

Otis Redding and Aretha Franklin sang it best: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, find out what it means to me.” Companies should know their target market and customers well enough to understand how to respect them best. Treating consumers with respect is critical to delivering a helpful and proactive customer service experience. If businesses want to gain loyal customers that spread positive feedback about their consumer experience, constantly communicating with respect will help them feel heard, appreciated, and valued.

  1. Deliver Honesty

Customers are humans, too, and humans appreciate honesty over a lie. Businesses and their customer service representatives should always be upfront with consumers if something does not go right rather than trying to save face with a lie, only to be caught in the facade by the customer, creating customer distrust.

  1. Define Excellence with Customer Service Team

Businesses want customer service representatives to continuously be on the same page about delivering excellence through their roles. Infusing the idea of excellence and clearly defining to customer service teams what great customer service looks like helps give the experience that a company thinks consumers deserve. If a company is trying to figure out how to define excellent customer service for their consumers, that means they need to become their target market better to know how to meet consumer needs best.

  1. Reward Excellent Customer Service Agents

When a customer service agent goes above and beyond for consumers, businesses can encourage others on the customer rep team to strive for similar action by giving rewards to role models.

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