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by | Nov 22, 2022 | Jobs

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – The holidays can be a big financial burden on families, and if you are without a job, the holidays can be daunting.Many companies are hiring seasonal workers. If you’re looking for a permanent gig, it might even be your way into a great company.“Everybody has more bills to pay higher prices,” said Daniel Morgan, owner of Express Employment in Birmingham.“We’ve noticed companies having more product on the shelves, more product that they’ve got to get out and distribute.” Morgan said seasonal jobs are a great resource for getting some extra cash or just making sure all the bills are covered.“Retail, you know, fits in with seasonal… and I’ve noticed a lot of signs at restaurants where people are still looking for help,” Morgan said. Those temporary jobs can often turn into a stable job.“A lot of work is seasonal, but could also just be catching up from some of this supply chain distribution,” Morgan said.Ervin Perry is going through Express Employment to find a new job.“I am trying to find a permanent gig so I can station myself,” Perry said. He says he lost his job recently and is now looking for a new and stable workplace.“I‘m looking for somebody that appreciate[s] me, because I am a good worker, and you can count on me,” Perry said. Morgan said companies are looking for just that: workers they can count on. Now they have training and programs to get employees up to speed more than ever before.“There’s mor …

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