Where Should I Retire?: I live in the South and don’t want to retire here. I’m seeking four seasons, diversity and outdoor living. Where should I retire?

by | Nov 28, 2022 | Stock Market

Dear MarketWatch, Where should I retire? I am a California native that currently lives in Louisiana. I do not wish to retire here. I need a location where the weather is similar to California or actually has all four seasons even if it is more on the colder side. I do not do well in humidity, health wise. I want a location that is diverse in people, culture and resources. I do not want to retire in any Southern states. I would like the median home range in the $350,000 or lower as I would like some real estate to come with the cost of the home. I would love to be surrounded by nature or scenery as I enjoy being outdoors, walking my dogs, riding bikes and hiking. I would also like a place that welcomes entrepreneurs or a progressive community. Where would you suggest?

Looking for ideas on the best place for you to retire? Email [email protected] Dear California native,  To keep you north of the Mason Dixon Line, with weather similar to California, there are some interesting options.  Pairing a northern state with four seasons in a location diverse in people, culture and resources – then college or university towns often fit the bill. Universities often serve as engines for entrepreneurship, as well, so that might help check that box for you, too. The MarketWatch “Where Sh …

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