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Tegan Taylor: Oh, it’s been another long year, Norman, I need some fresh air to clear my head.Norman Swan: I’ve got an idea, let’s go for a walk.Tegan Taylor: Okay, where?Norman Swan: Well, Will Ockenden our producer has said that he will meet us.Tegan Taylor: You know what? There is a big red button on my recording desk that I’ve never noticed before and it says ‘Direct transportation to Tasmanian mountains’. I wonder what happens if I press it?Will Ockenden: Oh, hello, how are you?Norman Swan: We’re good, I think, we’re just going to come into the shelter of the hut here. Will, how long have you been here?Tegan Taylor: Is this where you live, Will?Will Ockenden: Yes…Tegan Taylor: In this little shack in the middle of a mountain?Will Ockenden: Yeah, I dragged you up, at the foot of Cradle Mountain. I figured we’d talk about bushwalking so much, it’s worth finally getting you to the state of Tasmania.Norman Swan: Even if it means me having a knee transplant.Tegan Taylor: You keep saying that you don’t want to have a knee reconstruction, Norman, but maybe this has just been an elaborate sort of intervention to make you change your mind.Norman Swan: Well, this is certainly the most elaborate studio we’ve ever broadcast from. We’re in a hut just below Cradle Mountain. What’s it called, the kitchen hut?Will Ockenden: The kitchen hut, yes.Norman Swan: So, welcome to a high altitude Coronacast.Tegan Taylor: What are we gonna talk about?Will Ockenden: We’ll push thi …

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