Autotrader: When winter driving gets serious, should you get snow tires? Here’s a guide.

by | Dec 1, 2022 | Stock Market

Snow tires: Some quick tips
The rubber for snow tires remains pliable in freezing temperatures, enabling them to maintain firm contact with the road.

Snow tires are more common than studded tires today because of tire technology advancements.

Some studies show that a front-wheel-drive car with snow tires can grip better than an all-wheel-drive car with all-season tires.

 A typical set of snow tires costs less than $800. Add the expense of a tire shop installing them in winter and putting all-season tires back on for warmer seasons.

We use the phrase “where the rubber meets the road” to describe the moment you put a theory to the test. The phrase is particularly appropriate when winter driving gets serious and snow tires are a necessity. Your car may be a 3,000-plus-pound combination of steel, aluminum, and complex circuitry. But when driving in snow and ice, the safety of everyone in your vehicle depends on a few square inches of rubber gripping the road or …

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