IM Academy Combines New Services With Las Vegas Trip

by | Dec 21, 2022 | Education Feature

IM Academy, an online educational platform specializing in financial markets, released two new academies in different verticals in 2022. In June, the Academy launched TLX, a travel and lifestyle service, and in October, it introduced SMX Academy, which aims to educate students on building professional and personal brands using social media. Now, IM Academy is hosting an event that unites these two new services, offering TLX members the opportunity to sign up for a group trip to Las Vegas featuring live training sessions with SMX educators.

The trip, billed as Stocks on the Strip, will be held Dec. 8-11 and will host events at the Palms Casino Resort and the Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace.

It will feature an exclusive SMX training event titled Build Your Own Brand, with Yanelis Rosa, an SMX educator, as well as a VIP nightlife experience at Omnia.

What Are TLX and SMX?

IM Academy launched TLX to provide members with opportunities to book hotels and resorts at discounted rates and to sign up for exclusive trips with other members and special events such as Stocks on the Strip.

While the Academy has focused on online educational offerings for most of its nearly 10 years of operations, TLX is representative of IM Academy’s efforts to branch out and provide a variety of offerings for its members, including in-person opportunities.

And with themed trips organized around training sessions and networking opportunities for members and educators, TLX is in line with the ethos of education and connection that underlies IM Academy.

At the same time, SMX offers members an online educational experience similar to that offered by IM Academy’s other academies on topics such as the foreign exchange (forex) market, digital currencies, e-commerce, time-based exchange strategies, and the stocks and futures market. However, SMX departs from the focus on financial topics, instead concentrating on how individuals can establish an engaging presence on social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

The model of the Academy’s online programs is to offer students a mix of learning materials such as readings and videos that are available for access at any time through the IM Academy portal, as well as regular GoLive sessions, live online discussions with educators in which students can discuss topics from the readings and videos they’ve studied and inquire about the educators’ own strategies.

While these sessions focus on financial market strategies for IM Academy’s other programs, for SMX, the focus will be social media branding, including topics such as photography, videography, and approaches to the tone and frequency of social media posts across platforms.

IM Academy Events

IM Academy has hosted IM Beyond events in Phoenix and Glendale, Arizona; Palm Beach, Florida; Barcelona, Spain; and Zurich. Additional events are planned for Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Orlando, Florida, in 2023.

These events provide students, educators, and independent business owners associated with the Academy with opportunities to connect and share strategies in person. They’re also a forum for Christopher Terry, IM Mastery Academy co-founder and CEO, to spread his message of the importance of positive thinking, self-confidence, and perseverance when pursuing an education.

For Terry, building relationships is an essential component of the pursuit of self-development, and IM Academy events can help foster connections amongst like-minded individuals pursuing a less traditional education through the Academy’s online format.

“You should consider investing more time with the people that need it and spend the time with people that you need, like your parents, like those that can mentor you, and stop wasting time with people who are wasting your time,” said Terry in a recent speech. “You have to be consistent, persistent. You got to operate out of love. The highest vibration is love, trust, and appreciation. The lowest vibration is anger, mistrust. You’re going to have one or the other.”

With TLX themed trips, IM Academy members are pursuing this sort of approach, seeking out in-person educational and lifestyle experiences and training with other members and educators.

Note: IM Academy’s financial and educational products do not offer  personalized recommendations or views on whether a market approach suits a specific individual’s financial needs.

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