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by | Dec 2, 2022 | Jobs

In many ways, IT security professionals today know they are in the driver’s seat. Shortages of cybersecurity skills plague modern businesses. If you’re a security pro, it’s easy to think that you can call your own shots.

And you can, to a point. That’s one takeaways from ITPro Today’s latest salary survey, which interviewed IT security professionals on a variety of topics, including job satisfaction, compensation, and perks.

Related: ITPro Today’s 2022 Salary Survey ReportThe survey found that while most IT security professionals are satisfied with both their current positions and their total compensation, satisfaction numbers were only 67% and 64%, respectively. In fact, 22% said they are dissatisfied with their total compensation.

Compensation Requirements

Those numbers aren’t at all surprising, given the proliferation of unfilled cybersecurity positions, said Ken Coffman, an IT systems administrator and engineer who participated in the survey. Coffman works directly with the security team at Tri-Tech Medical, a medical equipment manufacturer in Avon, Ohio.

“I see a lot of crazy-high offers coming through just in my daily emails from recruiters who have found my resume online,” Coffman said. “It’s pretty much ‘Name your price’ from a lot of them, but it’s really a [‘Let the buyer beware’] situation. It might be good for three to six months, but how long is that gig actually going to last? Will it be better for you in the long run?”

Pam Nigro, vice president of security for health management company Medecision and an ISACA board chair, noted the current economic conditions, with its rising inflation rates, has made some IT security professionals more flexible.

“Before, …

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