Livability: Are Americans really moving to cheaper places? Inflation is bad enough to motivate some to relocate, one survey finds.

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Stock Market

Record-breaking inflation continues to dominate headlines as 2022 draws to a close. As cost-of-living factors compound, it’s no surprise that money is on the mind of many Americans. But is this financial squeeze enough to prompt people to move to more affordable cities? That’s certainly the million-dollar question as today’s workers have more flexibility than ever to relocate thanks to workplace trends like work-from-home policies and the “Great Resignation.” 

At Livability, we identify what makes communities great places to live and tell the stories of their compelling assets. We commissioned an in-depth survey to examine what affects relocation decisions, with a special focus on affordability. See: Here are 20 of the best U.S. cities to live in 2022, and they are attracting big waves of young people The survey, conducted in spring 2022 by leading global market research firm Ipsos, asked 1,005 diverse American adults about the characteristics of livability they would value in a prospective home community, with an emphasis on how rising costs affect their relocation decisions.  The survey evaluated a variety of factors providing insight into questions such as:
If you were considering moving to a new area, what factors would you consider most important?

Has the current rate of inflation in the U.S. made you more or less likely to consider relocating?

What is the minimum amount of savings on housing costs that you would require before you considered moving to a more affordable city?

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