Fix My Portfolio: Should I buy more I-bonds? What should I do when my I-bond matures? Answers to your questions about Series I bonds.

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Stock Market

Most people are still new to investing in I-bonds, and so it’s not surprising that they have a lot of questions about the basics. As a new year begins, the situation is even more complicated by strategy. Should you buy now? Should you wait? Should you cash in I-bonds you bought last year or the year before?  If you have a question about the mechanics of investing, how it fits into your overall financial plan or what strategies can help you make the most out of your money, you can also write for help at [email protected]

Here’s the top 10 from our mailbag full of questions about I-bonds.  I purchased my first I-bond in June 2022. Can I buy my second I-bond now or do I have to wait one full year (June 2023) to buy my second?  Wayne You can buy up to $10,000 worth of I-bonds per individual each calendar year, so the new calendar year reset on Jan. 1, opening up purchases again. The one-year time frame comes into play only once you purchase. You must hold the I-bonds you bought in June 2022 until at least June 2023 before you could cash them in, but note that if you do redeem them before five years, you lose the last three months of interest.  Last year I opened a TreasuryDirect account and deposited $10,000 in I-bonds. Can I deposit for this year in the same account?  Anand Yes, you can log in to and purchase new I-bonds …

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