: Google’s U.S. layoffs affect nearly 3,000 employees on both coasts, from data scientists to massage therapists

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Stock Market

Google parent Alphabet Inc. has slashed nearly 3,000 jobs in California and New York as part of its recently announced layoffs, cutting a broad range of positions, from data scientists to massage therapists. The biggest cuts were at Google’s

multiple offices in Mountain View, Calif., the search giant’s Silicon Valley headquarters. A total of 1,436 employees have lost their jobs there, including more than 100 at Moffett Field, according to filings with the state’s Economic Development Department.

The rest of the cuts in California, numbering 409, were spread out among Palo Alto and San Bruno in Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles and Irvine in Southern California. California law requires companies to give 60 days notice before laying off workers; the effective date of termination for the 1,845 jobs being cut in the state is March 31. See also: Justice Department sues Google for antitrust in digital advertising The types of jobs eliminated, as spelled out in the filings, run the gamut. They include counsel, accounting and marketing positions. Also cut were software, electrical, hardware and product-design engineers, plus user experience designers, data scientists, program managers, financial analysts, technical writers and massage therapists. The filings said the cuts affected “Google and/or any of its subsidiaries or corporate affiliates.” In New York City, the company has cut 887 jobs at eight locations, according to the state’s Department of Labor. New York law requires companies to give 90 days notice, so the effective termination date of those positions is April 28. After a couple of months of investor pressure — which continues — Sundar Pichai, chief executive of Google and parent company Alphabet, announced 12,000 layoffs, or about 6% of the workforce, on Friday. In an email to employees that was also published as a blog post, he said the company grew during the coronavirus pandemic, and “hired for a different economic reality than the one we face today.” For more: Big Tech layoffs are not as big as they appear at first glance Pichai said that …

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