How To Pack A Carry-On When Everything Is Bulky

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Travel

There’s nothing worse than flying to a travel destination and rushing off the plane only to have to wait at baggage claim for what seems like forever to finally retrieve your suitcase. That’s one of the main reasons that many individuals choose to pack just a carry-on whenever possible (you also never chance losing your luggage — another plus). But packing for a trip to a cold weather destination ― like a ski mountain, where you’ll need sweaters and jackets ― or a lengthy vacation where you won’t have much access to laundry, can make fitting everything you’ll need into a carry-on a bit tricky. The struggle is real. AdvertisementWe spoke to organization and packing experts for tips and tricks to help you fit even the bulkiest of items into your carry-on. And while we can’t promise you won’t still have to sit on your suitcase to get it closed (yes, we do, too!), this can make the process of packing less stressful. Check the weather where you’re going.You won’t even know where to start if you don’t know whether it will be hot, cold, muggy, rainy, etc., where you’re traveling. Be sure to check the weather as a first step. “Next make a list of the activities and plan what you need per activity,” said Anne McAlpin, travel expert and author of ”Pack It Up! The Essential Guide to Organized Travel,” who traveled 21 days around the world with just a carry-on. “Plan to layer your clothes for warmth instead of trying to …

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