Kelley Blue Book: Used car shoppers were desperate enough last year to buy these ‘zombie’ cars

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Stock Market

You might not remember the Dodge Dart. The underpowered compact car failed to recapture the charm of the Dodge Neon, which we didn’t mean as an insult, but now that we read it, it kinda stings. The last Dart rolled out the factory doors sometime in 2016. The last one rolled off a dealership lot recently.

Last year was a rough one for the automotive industry. We’re still compiling the numbers, but our analysts are pretty sure 2022 was the lowest sales year for America’s carmakers since 2011. A global microchip shortage left automakers unable to build cars fast enough to meet demand. Prices soared – by the end of the year, the average new car sold for more than $49,500. Many car shoppers had a hard time finding a car they wanted in their price range. Perhaps that explains why some of them settled for weird.How zombie cars come back to life Zombie cars are rare. But, once in a while, a dealership manages to sell a car the automaker stopped making long ago. They don’t often have them sitting around. Dealerships don’t often own the cars on the …

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