: The food trends that will define 2023: fried-chicken burritos, a $200 pepper mill and robots as chefs

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Stock Market

What will you be eating in 2023? It’s a good question. While your daily diet will likely stay the same — are you really going to give up your beloved morning brew or forsake your favorite snack item? — you may find yourself wanting to try something different. And the culinary world is quick to seize on our desire for change — indeed, a new menu item can be money in a restaurant operator’s pockets.

With that in mind, we surveyed the dining (and drinking) landscape to see what kind of items might be popping up on restaurant menus or store shelves and what kind of trends will shape the food world in general. Here are 10 things that stood out…Expensive is the new cheap Yes, everyone is seemingly pinching pennies given the tough economy. Yet when people splurge for food, they really seem to splurge. How else to explain the popularity of a $200 pepper mill? Or the fact that one of London’s buzziest restaurants charges $162 for a pasta dish? And let’s not forget the advent of the $17 cocktail — without a drop of booze in it, no less.Skirt steak is the new strip steak Maybe some of us are spending money at restaurants like there’s no tomorrow. At the same time, others are looking to save — and they’re doing so by seeking out more affordable (but not necessarily less tasty) cuts of beef. One of New York …

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