The Margin: On eBay, sellers are hawking water from Disney’s shuttered Splash Mountain ride — for $100-plus

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Stock Market

Walt Disney World
shuttered its popular but controversial Splash Mountain boat ride over the weekend, ending the attraction’s three-decade run. But some entrepreneurs are pitching a way to keep the water flowing, so to speak.  Namely, they are selling water they say is sourced from the ride. 

There are dozens of listings on eBay
offering the Splash Mountain H20 — in most instances collected on the ride’s last day. Some sellers are asking more than $100 for a few precious ounces. “We have a limited amount!” one advertises. There’s also a listing asking $25,000 — but the seller admits it’s a joke. “This is obviously just for fun and to make fun of the people who are really selling water from a ride,” the seller said in the listing’s description.  The eBay listings have caught the attention of Disney fans and fan sites. 

Still, there’s a fair degree of skepticism about the whole thing. “The question is, is anyone buying it?” one person asked on Twitter. Another wondered how the water could be authenticated, asking, “How would you know if it actually came from [S]plash?” While Splash Mountain was beloved by many Disney park-goers, the ride, which is based on Disney’s 1946 film “Song of the South,” had become a lightning rod of sorts. Like the movie itself, …

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