The Moneyist: ‘He claims it’s his home’: My mother left her Florida house to all of her children. Our brother lives there — and has no plans to move. How do we get him out?

by | Jan 26, 2023 | Stock Market

Dear Quentin, My mother passed away three years ago and left the house to my brother, my sister and me. What little was left in her bank account was distributed among the three of us.  Our brother is still living in the family home. He pays the taxes, insurance and utilities to live there. The house was to be split three ways among us. 

If he wants to continue living in the house, my feeling is he needs to get a loan on a fair appraisal for the house, and buy both my sister and me out.  At what point do I bring this up? He claims it’s his home, as he lives there, and we need to give notice when we go there to visit.  The house is in Florida, and right now the market is up. He has no plans to leave the house. What legal recourse do we have? He was the executor of the will.  Thank you in advance for your time. Good Grief, Get OutDear Good Grief, The longer your brother is allowed to live there while insisting that this house now belongs to him, the harder it will be to have the conversation. He is taking care of the house and paying for its u …

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