5 Common Wedding Dress Alterations Made by a Professionals

by | Mar 24, 2023 | Entertainment Feature

Wedding dresses symbolize love, happiness, and commitment to a special someone. So, when it comes to finding the dream dress, brides-to-be have much to consider. Whether you’ve purchased a ready-made dress or opted to have a bespoke dress made, you may still need to make some alterations to get the perfect fit.

From basic to complex alterations, you must seek the help of a qualified seamstress to ensure the best result. Keeping this in mind, here are the five common wedding dress alterations made by professionals.

1. Shortening the Hem

Shortening the hem of a wedding dress is the most popular alteration and is usually necessary for most dresses. The hem must be shortened to fit the bride’s height and account for any heels she may wear. To shorten the hem, the tailor will begin by turning the hem up, then removing the excess material with scissors.

The hem should then be stitched into place with a specialized stitch. This should be done carefully and precisely, as it is essential to ensure the dress is the exact right length and secure. Ultimately, this alteration should give the perfect length for the desired look.

2. Train Loop and Button

Train loops are small ribbon loops added to the train of your wedding dress. These are necessary for bustling the dress up later in the day once you’re at the reception to make movement easier. There are two train loops: the long one you carry in your hand while dancing and the short one that buttons up under your bum.

There are multiple bustle styles like over bustle, under bustle, French bustle, drawstring- or Austrian bustle, and the waterfall bustle. While some store-bought dresses come with these loops and buttons attached, if your dress doesn’t, it’s necessary to get it done by professional alterations. It’s important to get the style of the loop and its corresponding buttons that fit your dress for a flawless look.

3. Taking In/Out on the Hips and Waist

Most wedding dresses don’t come in a perfect, one-size-fits-all fit. When shopping for a dress, alterations may be necessary for a perfect fit. Taking in or out on the hips and waist is a common alteration.

It is typically easier to take the dress in, but with an experienced and skilled tailor, they can take the dress out while ensuring that the original seams won’t show. Alterations can be a great way to achieve the perfect fit and create a unique look.

4. Taking In Around the Chest

A lot of off-the-rack wedding dresses have a generous chest size. To sculpt the dress to your body, professional seamstresses can alter the neckline area to avoid a gutter effect when you hold your head down. Taking in the chest area may require more tailor-made skills and attention than other alterations, but a professional seamstress should be fine with getting it right.

5. Shortening the Straps

Seamstresses can make adjustments to wedding dresses, such as shortening their straps. This alteration is particularly helpful for petite brides who find dress straps too long or don’t fit correctly. Professionals measure the straps, adjust them according to the bride’s measurements, and customize the fit. Customizing the straps’ fit can ensure that the straps don’t slide off of the bride’s shoulders and provide more security and comfort on their special day.

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