The 1 Thing Parents Should Do Before Their Next Flight With Kids

by | Apr 26, 2023 | Travel

Flying with children can be overwhelming. First, you have to make sure you pack all of your essentials, plus everything your kids could need in transit and at your destination.After you schlep all that extra baggage through the airport, you may also have to wrangle strollers, car seats and other bulky portable items during the boarding process. The there’s the challenge of keeping little ones fed and entertained in a metal tube for hours on end. AdvertisementAt risk of adding to the parental travel load, however, there is one more small thing you should try to do before your next flight with your kids if you haven’t already. And fortunately this one won’t do any damage to your back: Sign them up for airline rewards programs.The Case For Enrolling Your Kids“If you’re flying with your kids, there’s no reason not to sign them up for a frequent flyer mile account,” said Scott Keyes, founder of “They’re free to sign up, and the miles they accumulate from flying in their childhood could easily tally up to three or more free flights by the time they turn 18. It’s free money.”You’re leaving money on the table when you don’t sign your child up for loyalty programs because the person who does the flying is the one receiving miles ― not the one who pays for the ticket. So if you’re going to go through the trouble of buying an expensive plane ticket for your child, you might as well put those hard-earned dollars toward rewards.“There’s no reason for your kids not to earn miles when they fly,” said Summer Hull, director of travel content at The Points Guy. “Just like with adults, only paid fares are going to earn miles, but since most major frequent flyer miles in the U.S. don’t expire anymore, your kids can start racking them up now and either you can use them for family trips or let them build up for the kids to use later.”AdvertisementIndeed, airline loyalty programs aren’t just for business travelers or other frequent flyers. Even miles from the occasional family vacation can add up over time, so get your kids earning as early as possible. “My oldest has now been racking them up for 13 years,” Hull noted. How To Sign Up“Every U.S. airline program I know of does allow …

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