4 Ways a Lawyer Can Help Following a Sex Crimes Allegation

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Education Feature

Being charged with any type of crime can be stressful but being arrested for a sex crime can be particularly difficult to deal with. However, the right criminal defense law firm can help you to defend yourself against the allegations and resolve the matter, often without long-term consequences.

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To find out more, explore these four ways a lawyer can help you following a sex crimes allegation:

1. Uphold Your Rights

Many people are in a state of shock immediately following their arrest, which can make them feel unable to enforce their rights, such as the right to silence. With support from a criminal defense attorney, however, you can ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the interview and investigation process.

Crucially, a specialist sex crimes defense lawyer will also investigate the details surrounding your arrest to determine whether your rights have been violated. If so, this could render potential evidence inadmissible and significantly weaken the case against you.

2. Gather Evidence

Nearly half a million people are sexually assaulted each year in the U.S., but this doesn’t mean that every report made to the police is true. In fact, it’s estimated that 2% – 10% of sexual assault reports are false.

When you work with a criminal defense lawyer following a sex crime allegation, they will work tirelessly to gather evidence that helps to prove your innocence or brings to light facts surrounding the incident. By doing so, they will devalue the prosecution’s case against you, thus reducing the likelihood of a successful prosecution.

3. Negotiating with Prosecutors

Once the facts of your case have been fully assessed and evidence has been gathered, your criminal defense lawyer will have a good understanding of how strong the case against you actually is. From here, there will be in an appropriate position to approach the prosecutors and negotiate a favorable outcome on your behalf.

This may mean that the charges against you are dropped and there will be no further action. Alternatively, they may be able to have the charges reduced and secure a plea deal that offers you reduced jail time or probation, rather than a custodial sentence.

4. Representation at Trial

If the case proceeds to trial, you’ll certainly want the support of a criminal defense lawyer. Although it’s possible to defend yourself at trial, this is not advisable and typically leads to an adverse outcome for the defendant. With help from an experienced and specialist sex crimes defense lawyer, however, you can ensure that you are represented appropriately and that your defense is properly presented to the judge and jury.

Seeking Help After a Sex Crimes Allegation

If you’ve been arrested for any criminal offense, it’s vital to access legal advice as quickly as possible. When the matter concerns an allegation of sexual assault or any type of sex crime, it’s particularly important to get specialist advice and support so that you can resolve the situation swiftly, fairly, and favorably.

If you are convicted, you could be required to register as a sex offender. Additionally, you may be required to notify your neighbors and employers of the offense. These are just a few of the collateral consequences of a sex crime conviction.

Contact an experienced sex crimes lawyer for help defending your rights and reputation.

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