Travel Experts Reveal Their Most Expensive Vacation (And Why It Was Worth It)

by | Jul 25, 2023 | Travel

TriggerPhoto via Getty ImagesPolynesian island getaways can be expensive but offer a unique and relaxing experience that creates lifelong memories.The internet is filled with excellent hacks for saving money on travel. Whether you book with points, scoop up exclusive deals, choose dates and locations based on price, or take advantage of free attractions, there are countless ways to take a relatively low-cost vacation.But sometimes, a particular travel experience calls for a splurge. And if you can make room in your budget for that pricier vacation, there’s nothing wrong with splashing out every once in a while. After all, you get what you pay for, and an expensive hotel, airline ticket or excursion might offer a luxury experience full of memories to last a lifetime. Advertisement

We asked experts in the travel space to share the most expensive vacation they’ve ever taken ― and why they felt it was worth the splurge. French Polynesia“The most expensive vacation that I’ve ever taken was to French Polynesia. I spent time on both Moorea and Bora Bora. French Polynesia was a dream destination for me so it was definitely worth it. From the moment you arrive the hospitality and sheer beauty of the islands is immense. It’s a place where pictures truly don’t do it justice. I also appreciated that it’s a destination that has a lot to offer. I took a guided tour where I learned more about the history and culture of the islands. And I also had the ability to rent a boat and snorkel and explore on my own. It’s a destination that feels remote in the best possible way and forces you to disconnect and unplug. Not to mention that you’re staying in an accommodation where you can wake up, take a few steps and dive into the clearest water imaginable.” ― Amina Dearmon, a luxury travel adviser and owner of Perspectives TravelAntarctica“The most expensive vacation I’ve taken was to Antarctica, though it was 100% worth the cost. We took an expedition cruise, which was a small ship experience and an itinerary with land-based activities. From dawn until dusk we were hiking, kayaking, exploring, swimming, sliding down glacial mountain tops, visiting a research base, eating incredible food, drinking amazing wine, and taking the polar plunge! Humpback whales would swim within 100 meters of our zodiac, penguins would walk straight over our toes, and we sat next to colonies of seals without disturbing them, left thoroughly in awe of the array of hardcore wildlife which call the icy continent their home. I can 100% recommend Antarctica as a destination which lives up to the hype of being a trip of a lifetime.” ― Meg Jerra …

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