21 Funny Tweets About The Difference Between Europe And The U.S.

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Travel

If our social media feeds are any indication, it’s clear that Americans love traveling to Europe. Year after year, European cities like Paris and Rome are among the most popular international destinations for U.S. travelers. That means increasing numbers of Americans are getting a firsthand look at the many differences between Europe and the U.S. And plenty have shared their hilarious musings about this clash of cultures online. Below, we’ve rounded up 21 funny posts that sum up the difference between life in Europe and in the U.S. ― from the approach to work to the size of the water glasses at restaurants and everything in between. Advertisement

European out-of-offices: “I’m away camping for the summer. Email again in September”American out-of-offices: “I have left the office for two hours to undergo kidney surgery but you can reach me on my cell anytime”— Samuel Pollen (@samuel_pollen) April 30, 2021Europeans: I know English, French, German, and Polish. Americans: I know RHOBH, RHOSLC, RHOA, and RHONY.— Evan Mills (@awkvanmills) January 14, 2022Are people in Europe dehydrated all the time? They are so stingy with water and the cups are so small. I am thirsty just thinking about being in France again.— Kristen Anderson (@FintechKristen) June 29, 2021AMERICANS: Our culture is so hopelessly fractured and polarized. There is no longer anything that binds us together. EUROPEANS: I could tell you were American by the way that you walk.— R.J. Lehmann (@raylehmann) September 28, 2020Advertisement

Europeans: I drove 30 minutes to Germany for a drink then I took a 15 minute ferry to Switzerland for some groceries and I drove another 30 min to Italy for dinner.Americans: I’m in Texas, I drove for 6 hours and I’m still in Texas.— traaaashpanda.bsky.social 🌻 (@TraaaashPanda) May 9, 2020Europeans: We can fit cars, buses, and electric trains on a street built to be just wide enough for 2 horse-drawn carriages, in a very dense parts of the city.Americans: You want to put a bus route on this 6 lane suburban road? We’re gonna need at least 2 more lanes then!— Chris🥃 (@MixingChris) November 5, 2021Europeans: I’m back from vacation; my 6 months “catching up on emails” period starts todayAmericans: I’m back from vacation, have you seen the email I’ve sent at 3 am on Sunday?— kate (@whoiskatrin) February 14, 2022Europeans Americansgoing to the going to thegrocery store grocery store pic.twitter.com/7MXe6NPxl4— Liz | Speak Now 7/7 💜💜💜 (@feverdreamliz) March 27, 2023Americans: Look at these buildings they’re so old.Europeans: We’ve got bird shit on roof tops older than your country.— ChiChi Greenblatt (@ChiChiGreenblat) August 4, 2021Advertisement

I miss America a little bit but only because in Europe the glasses of water are so small— formerly freeewifi (@teamk8e) May 27, 2015on my european shit (my apartment does not have air conditioning)— i praydalor my sodakeep (@almondtiddies) June 16, 2022americans have a well-deserve …

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