: Author of Musk biography changes account of disabling Ukraine drone attack

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Stock Market

Walter Isaacson said his description of Elon Musk’s decision not to allow his satellite system to be used by Ukraine for an intended attack on a Russian fleet was misstated in the biography of the billionaire he authored. Isaacson, in an excerpt of his book “Elon Musk” published in the Washington Post, had said Musk secretly told his engineers to turn off Starlink coverage within 100 kilometers of the Crimean coast, so that Ukrainian drone subs couldn’t attack the Russian fleet in Sevastopol.

The author, first on Twitter and then in the op-ed, corrected this account: “To clarify on the Starlink issue: the Ukrainians THOUGHT coverage was enabled all the way to Crimea, but it was not. They asked Musk to enable it for their drone sub attack on the Russian fleet. Musk did not enable it, because he thought, probably correctly, that woul cause a major war.” Musk himself quoted the tweet, and said Ukraine’s military didn’t read the fine print. “Our terms of service clearly prohibit Starlink for offensive military action, as we are a civilian system, so they were again asking for something that was expressly prohibited,” the world’s richest man wrote.

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