How can you attract buyers to buy your car in Saudi Arabia?

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Education Feature

A lot of factors, such as your family’s need for a bigger or smaller vehicle, the necessity of cutting-edge technologies in the cabin, or just your desire to get the latest model, may impact your decision to sell your car. However, how can you be sure your vehicle will compete in the rapidly growing used car market?. Here you are our comprehensive guide about attracting buyers to buy your car in KSA.

Repairing: Every Detail Matters

Since the owner has driven the car for years, nobody is more familiar with its problems than him. You can either hire someone to handle all of the necessary maintenance, or you can do it yourself:

  • Examine the car’s exterior for any scratches or bumps
  • Examine the general state of the headlights and taillights
  • Check the tires for any signs of damage
  • Take into account the quality and quantity of engine, brake, and gear oils
  • Check the radiator water
  • Evaluate the battery status in hybrid and EVs

Give Your Car a Deep Clean

If the car isn’t clean, the buyer will be concerned and may cancel the purchase or demand a lower price.

We list below car parts for you to focus on during the pre-sale cleaning:

  • Floor mats: Remove the floor mats and vacuum before washing them with soap and water
  • Seats: Leather seats require particular cleaning products, which can be bought from stores or made at home using water and vinegar
  • Dashboard and center console: To remove dust from the cabin, use a soft brush.
  • Windows: Ensure that both the interior and exterior windows are clean and polished.
  • Exterior paint: Avoid scrubbing the car’s exterior paint very hard.
  • Wheels: Clean and varnish the wheels using special brushes

Estimate The Price Accurately

Your car may be affected if you offer it at a low market value or overstate the amount required, which will slow down the sale process for some time.

Prepare Your Documents

In Saudi Arabia, the transfer of a car’s ownership from one person to another requires the below-mentioned papers:

  • Identification documents for both sides
  • The car license
  • Residency (Iqama) and a signed paper from the sponsor (for non-Saudis)
  • A certificate proving the car is free of violations
  • Car accident insurance

Select the Best Car Pictures

It’s remarkable how much good images can help you sell your car. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to take the right shots if you follow the tips below:

Find a location that keeps the car in the spotlight, such as an open natural area or an empty parking lot

Try to take pictures at the golden hour, which occurs between the first hour after dawn and the last hour before sunset

Take shots from all possible angles

Include interior pictures such as:( front and rear seats, dashboard, screens, driving wheel, panoramic sunroof, and any features that make the car stand out)

Offer Driving Tests

The driving test builds confidence between the seller and the buyer while also offering a chance to persuade the buyer of the car’s potential. In addition to evaluating the car’s performance and getting a better look at it.


If you follow everything mentioned above, any vehicle you put up for sale will stand out from competitors in the used cars market. These practical tips will help you sell your car as quickly as possible.

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