Foodie’s Guide: How To Craft Custom Credential Badges for Food Events

by | May 6, 2024 | Business Feature

A recent YouGov survey found that 43% of consumers are more likely to attend food events than other conventions in the next 12 months. For any business seeking ways to increase brand visibility, a food festival can be an excellent way to attract target audiences.

Booking a spot in a food festival also means figuring out how to expose foodies to different kinds of catering while allowing your business to showcase your offerings. The process entails more than logistical concerns. It’s about offering attendees tools to navigate and connect effortlessly.

To achieve this goal, event planners are turning to custom credential badges. Custom badges are more than identifiers; they are visual cues to identify like-minded people, conversation starters, and memorable keepsakes. Creating custom ID badges makes enjoying these perks possible.

Let’s look at how to craft custom credential badges for food events.

4 Tips for Crafting Custom Credential Badges for Food Events

Designing custom badges for a foodie-themed festival requires strategic planning and strong attention to detail.

Here are four tips to make your badges captivating and valuable:

1. Pay Attention to the Size

Whether you work with a badge design expert or design the badges yourself, consider creating your name tags on a big layout. The bigger the badge, the more space you’ll have to add various design elements like your brand’s logo, fonts, and colors. According to Bag Tags, Inc., typical credential badge sizes can include 3×4”, 3×5”, and 4×5”.

You can also play around with attractive graphic designs that align with your food-themed event. Think of beautiful plated dishes, food cartoon characters, or icons like forks, spoons, knives, fruits, and vegetables.

2. Choose the Right Badge Material

When choosing badge materials, paper is a common first option because it’s cheap, lightweight, and easy to customize (with logos and other design elements). The downside is that paper is porous and easily torn. Laminating paper badges helps make them durable enough so the personalized details — and the card itself — last as long as the event does.

Specifically for materials, look for event credentials made from waterproof substrate. That way, before the product is even laminated, you know it’s water-resistant. It can keep going even on rainy days. Event-goers can continue to enjoy a seamless dining experience no matter what the weather is.

Laminating waterproof substrate badges helps even more. Look for ones laminated about 30 mil thick (it would feel similar to a credit card). In many cases, waterproof substrate-made badges can last all year long.

3. Prioritize Clear Information

A custom event badge is a personal identification tag worn by attendees. It serves multiple purposes, like enhancing security, adding a sense of professionalism, and promoting branding. It is, therefore, vital to customize your badges with precise information.

As reported by Bag Tags, Inc., the best printing press is the HP Indigo digital press. For words and complex designs, like intricate logos and photos, this printing press creates sharp images and brilliant colors like no other. They also recommend looking for in-house printing to better ensure quality control.

It’s time to make critical information creatively stunning. For instance, custom event badges at come with details like attendee names, company logos, custom colors, and brand fonts.

You could add other details, such as:

  • Event theme
  • Event date and time
  • Venue location
  • QR codes or barcodes to verify identity in a secure manner
  • Access level to determine if the attendee is a staff, VIP with all-access, or regular guest with limited access.

A rule of thumb:

  • Opt for readable fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Calibri, or Garamond to add character to your typography.
  • Use a clear image resolution
  • Choose attractive colors. Shades of green, red, yellow, and orange are perfect for foodie-theme events.

4. Customize Your Badge Lanyards

A custom credential event badge is only complete with a custom lanyard. So, make the lanyard interesting by customizing it with your brand logo and colors. Include the event theme and showcase your sponsors’ support by including their brand names or logos.

Companies might offer sustainable products, including lanyard templates. This can be a fantastic opportunity to relay your food event’s commitment to saving the planet.

Lastly, adding your sponsors’ logo or company name on lanyards or the badge is an excellent way to sell event sponsorships and get more financial support for your next event.

Final Touches on Custom Credential Badges for Food Events

Crafting custom credential badges for food events can be a pivotal strategy. When you prioritize badge size, material selection, information, and lanyards, your food festival is on its way to making local history as the best one yet.

Badges go beyond mere identification; they serve as tools to facilitate connections, showcase your offerings, and boost brand visibility. One-of-a-kind badges are the perfect way to showcase how your company is truly one-of-a-kind.

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